Would You Like To Become One Of The Independent Escorts In London?

Not many people have ever considered becoming one of the independent escorts in London but then again, not everyone can qualify to become an escort anyway. Though escorts and escort services have had a shady reputation in the past as fronts for prostitution, actually a legitimate escort and escort service have a reputation for providing a genuine and clean service to protect.

High-class escorts must meet certain important qualifications (that do not include providing sexual favors to their clients.) For one thing, a classy escort must look very nice, even drop-dead gorgeous if necessary, clean – and presentable above all. This means knowing the difference between dressing like a ‘ho (as street walkers are casually called) and looking like a quality date who really knows how to dress well. This means walking a fine line but basically someone who has been exposed to high society will know what that means in real practical terms.

It is also good if the high-class London escorts are well educated and have great social skills too. This is because the people who pay for their services are usually people who have had a certain degree of higher education, are used to carrying their end of the conversation during social occasions, and will probably introduce their escorts to their friends and acquaintances when the escort is brought along to the special event.

For example, maybe the client has been given privileged tickets to an opera which his company is sponsoring. Obviously, the client would like the person he hires as his date for the evening to be someone who can enjoy the evening with him, who can appreciate the finer points of the show, and will genuinely like the chance to be exposed to that kind of performance. If you are the escort selected, you must learn to stay on your toes and be able to carry the conversational ball when needed.

There are certain no-nos that you must remember to avoid, as an escort. One, you should not drink too much to the point that you get tipsy or even roaring drunk. Not only do you wind up becoming a liability to your client, but you risk having something bad done to you if the client should take advantage. You should not ask for payment from the client unless that is specified in the arrangement the client made with the escort service you belong to. And you should never do anything illegal to your client, such as blackmail him by threatening to disclose to his friends and acquaintances that he has availed of the services of a professional escort if he doesn’t pay you a certain sum; or ask for money upfront then surreptitiously disappear in the middle of the event, leaving the date high and dry without any companion. Incidents like these give you, the escort service you are affiliated with, and the escort service industry itself a very bad reputation and may ruin everyone’s chances for future clients to hire escorts later on.





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